Over the last week, I’ve been tuning into the new Netflix release, Van Helsing which I must admit has me Hooked to some extent. Note: this has absolutely nothing to do with the Van Helsing movie of 2014, though the series is about vampires, This storyline is somewhat different to an original Vampire type movie/series, and mainly revolves around a character Vanessa Helsing who is seemingly immune to the Vampire bite. In fact, she is the cure for the Vampire bite in a world where the vampires dominate humans, any vampire who bite her turn back to being normal human beings, and that certainly scares the crap out of them. She also seems to have other powers, that helps her fight off the Vampires. I won’t go into too much detail and spoil it for you.


Why should you watch it?

  1. A well-written storyline that will keep you engaged
  2. Great cast, fantastic acting
  3. Great action scenes in most episodes
  4. Reasonable cinematography


Why Shouldn’t you watch it

  1. Ameture looking set design
  2. Some complicated twists and turns to an already over-complicated plot.

Overall I love this drama, and I must say its worth a watch this content.

Then again, what Netflix originals aren’t?

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