Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

If you have nothing else to do on a saturday afternoon and just cant get a nap in, and if this was the only Tom Cruise movie you haven’t watched – then it could put you to sleep. It has all the hallmarks of a high quality action flop – in my opinion. But was it a flop ? far from it. $682 Million at the box office, from a $150 Million budget ? Thats not a bad turn over. It certainly looks like anything Tom Cruise touches turns to gold.

Some of the Magic involved: truth Cyrem, quadruple car flips and books that magically turn into laptops are just the tip of the iceberg with this movie check over here. At one point I even had to check if it was the right movie I was watching , or I accidentally suddenly started watching a Harry Potter movie, because it was starting to feel more and more like a fantasy Sc-fi movie rather than an action thriller.

The only saving grace of the movie is it’s stunning Cinematography which is worth having a second look at. Robert Elswit really knows how to dress up a simple scene and delivers a masterpiece in videography yet again.

Ok before I give away too much and spoil the movie for you. Here is why you should and should not watch the movie.

Why you should watch it?

  1. Because it’s got Tom Cruize in it
  2. Absolutely beautiful cinematography
  3. Beautiful sets and locations
  4. Great stunts by the maestro himself

Why Shouldn’t you watch it ?

  1. Some of the technology they claim to use, such as the “Truth Cyrem” makes you think your watching a comedy.
  2. Poor special effects – Quadruple back flips  on a reverse ? Reminds me of a badly made Indian movie.
  3. Poor Poor story line.
  4. Borderline poor acting.

If you did watch the movie and disagree with us? Dont forget to write your comments on the blog and tell us why you liked this movie.

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